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The new special exhibition tells the story starting from the biology of the human voice to the latest technologies. The interactive exhibition invites visitors to explore the complexity and uniqueness of the voice from different perspectives and try their hand at numerous exhibits. Personalities such as Andi Knoll, Chris Lohner, Ursula Strauss and the comedy duo Maschek have made their voices their profession and provide insights into their multifaceted everyday lives.

The biology of the voice is a key topic to understand the origin and development of the human voice. The visit provides comprehensive information on the complex interaction of vocal folds, vocal cords, cartilage and all the other elements making our voice to what it is. Interested visitors are given the opportunity to explore a larynx model and even tinker their own – an educational experience that makes the voice’s world tangible.

The talented comic artist Erik Norden uses images and sound to transport visitors into the soundscape of the voice. His animations playfully create a lively comic that not only invites visitors to have a look at it, but also to listen to it and immerse themselves in it. In addition, Prof. Dr. Patrick Zorowka, a renowned ENT specialist, provides his expertise as part of the exhibition.

The Fascination of Artificial Voices
Another highlight is the presentation of artificial voices and artificial intelligence. Inspired by Wolfgang von Kempelen’s first speech apparatus from 1791, an entertaining replica of the machine invites visitors to take part in an experiment. With just two people and a pinch of imagination, this experiment takes participants back to the earliest beginnings of speech machines – a captivating journey through history.

To delve deeper into this fascinating topic, an audio contribution by renowned sound artist Peter Kollreider provides further impressions. From the development of speech synthesis in computers to the programming of sound recordings and the latest techniques for creating artificial voices, visitors will discover a new dimension full of innovation and technology. The topic of “Text-to-Speech (TTS)”, in which artificial intelligence converts written text into spoken words, will also be highlighted – a multifaceted expedition into the diversity and development of artificial voices.

Faces Behind the Voices
Marco Justus Schöler’s 30 photographs of dubbing actors reveal the largely unknown faces behind the often famous voices. In addition, interviews with renowned personalities such as the “Voice of ÖBB” Chris Lohner, “Mr. Song Contest” Andi Knoll, the actress Ursula Strauss and the Austrian comedy duo Maschek give visitors a unique look behind the scenes and illustrate the challenges and value of a unique voice. “Voices are more than just sounds. They are the means of expression of our emotions and thoughts. ‘Look who’s talking’ invites visitors to discover the diversity and range of the voice,” says Julia Sparber-Ablinger, Head of AUDIOVERSUM.

Interactive Experiences and Practical Learning Opportunities
The interactive exhibition allows visitors to actively immerse themselves in the world of the voice. In the voiceover booth, film clips can be synchronized, tongue twisters repeated or well-known poems recited. Voice and speech coach Thomas Lackner offers insights into important voice exercises that are relevant for professional speaking. In addition, the mug phone takes visitors on a playful journey back in time and introduces them to the voice in an entertaining way.


Look who’s talking

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