In February 2013 AUDIOVERSUM ScienceCenter in Innsbruck opened its doors to visitors from all over the world. This innovative and interactive exhibition is unique not only in Austria, but in the whole of Europe, and fascinates its visitors with interesting facts about hearing. In 2009, Dr. Schulz, former head of MED-EL Germany,managed to convince MED-EL’s CEO Ingeborg Hochmair of this long-cherished idea to open a MED-EL museum in Innsbruck.

Dr. Schulz himself promptly started implementing his original idea and took the position of project leader. What follows are three highly work-intensive years until AUDIOVERSUM ScienceCentre can finally open in 2013.

2010 - 2012 2013
Develop an exhibition concept, Inauguration of main exhibition
Search for suitable venue, planning & building phase Project management "Special Exhibition"
Look for creative partners Project management "Company Exhibition"
Find a name

2009 – 2012

  • Dr. Schulz develops the project “AUDIOVERSUM” as an interactive exhibition and educational centre. The aim is to inform children and adults about the importance of our highly sensitive hearing organ and the hearing process in general. Everybody should be aware of the influence hearing has on our daily lives and quality of life.
  • Dr. Schulz finds a suitable venue in the centre of Innsbruck, Wilhelm-Greil Strasse 23. The whole building had to be rebuilt and restructured in order to come up to the expectations and requirements of this highly modern and interactive science museum. Dr. Schulz now takes on the role of site manager.
  • At the same time, he starts searching for a suitable creative partner, who will take over the exhibition’s artistic design. ARS Electronica managed to convince Dr. Schulz with many years of experience in exhibition conceptualization.
  • Dr. Schulz supervises and also influences the construction phase.
  • Together with AEC Linz he develops an innovative concept.
  • A new name is needed. Many MED-EL employees are included in the selection processes of an appropriate title. The artistic name “AUDIOVERSUM” received most votes in the end. The coinage is a combination of the Latin words AUDIO- (“I hear”) and –VERSUM (from Universum: infinity, infinite diversity). The word “AUDIOVERSUM” is filed as trademark at the European Patent Office.
  • Research and later training of personnel.


  • AUDIOVERSUM is inaugurated on 31.01.2013. On this occasion, Dr. Schulz hands over the leadership to Dr. Christina Beste, and will from now on support the AUDIOVERSUM Team as Senior Advisor. Some of his new responsibilities include staff training, and conceptualization and implementation of special exhibitions as well as the company exhibition “MED-EL World”.


Review and Outlook

The idea of AUDIOVERSUM was initiated by MED-EL, which has the mission to overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication and quality of life. MED-EL’s vision is to raise general awareness of the importance of healthy hearing.

At AUDIOVERSUM you can interactively experience hearing with all its fascinating details. Another purpose is to help people understand how important and valuable a healthy sense of hearing is for our overall development. Different types of hearing loss are also demonstrated in an easy-to-understand and subtle way.

With our exhibition in Innsbruck we aim to impress and animate not only families, school groups and tourists, but also medical professionals and the hearing industry.



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AUDIOVERSUM is an interactive museum in Innsbruck providing an experience of sound and wonder. Special highlights this year are the interactive sound wall Singing Wall as well as the impressive Sound Labyrinth.

A short summary of AUDIOVERSUM

Opening 1st of February 2013
Leadership Dr. Christina Beste, Head of AUDIOVERSUM
Nr. of Employees 27
Concise profile AUDIOVERSUM is an interactive museum in Innsbruck providing an experience of sound and wonder. As a ScienceCenter, it combines medicine, technology, education and art attracting visitors from Austria and abroad. Multimedia installations developed in cooperation with the renowned Ars Electronica Center Linz invite guests to try them out and sharpen their senses. The new highlights are the interactive exhibits “Singing Wall” and, a world premiere, the “Sound Labyrinth”. The special exhibition “Olfactory Worlds” takes the visitors on a journey through exciting olfactory rooms where they may explore the stories behind more than 100 scents. The second special exhibition “Superbrain” explains, in an exciting and entertaining way, how our brain is constructed. MED-EL, the leading provider of hearing implants worldwide, is the initiator of the ScienceCenter.
Facilities 1.200 m² exhibition space, 1.500 m² total area

2 permanent exhibitions with high-tech installations

2 special exhibitions:

Olfactory Worlds


Room „Beethoven“: ideal for lectures, films, meetings etc.