Main exhibition

ADVENTURE HEARING: Ever surfed through a 3D ear or rund your fingers through oversized sensory cells? The main exhibition with its multimedia installations invites visitors to join in and sharpen their senses. A sensory journey of discovery. 

BINAURAL GAME: A fun game for young and old, in which spatial hearing is trained in a simple and entertaining way. Participants follow the recorded chirping of birds and try to locate and free them. 

BONE CONDUCTION: How can we hear with our bones? The installation introduces visitors to the phenomenon of bone conduction, which enables us to perceive a piece of music in spite of hearing impairment or covered ears, through the bones in our skull. The story goes back to Beethoven, who benefitted from this principle when he suffered from hearing loss. 

The HAIR CELLS station is a musical installation. By touching giant hair cells built according to the human model, visitors play a melody. In order to simulate how hearing impairment affects the ears due to the loss of hair cells, visitors can activate or deactivate various frequency ranges by bending the respective hair cells. 

The installation VIRTUAL EAR is a 3D model of the human ear, which shows its individual parts and how they interact. By clapping their hands, snipping their fingers or speaking, visitors send sounds through the virtual ear and learn how the brain processes acoustic information. 

In the SOUND-GALLERY different AUDIO-INSTALLATIONS are the focus of attention. Soundfiles of various sound artists are recorded in a loop. 13 loudspeakers and a subwoofer create extraordinary sounds. Moving sounds carry the visitors away into other worlds - whether experimental and loud or poetically soft and calm. The SOUND-GALLERY opens up virtual sound journeys for visitors. These are accompanied by thoughtfully selected fine art, which can provoke inspiring associations and relationships between both disciplines. 

The SOUND-GALLERY can also be rented for seminars and events. We are happy to accompany your event with a tour through the interactive museum.

The room offers space for 60 people (with chairs) and is equipped with a full HD projector, screen, lectern, Dolby Surround system and all network connections. Further details at office@audioversum.at or phone +43 (0) 5 7788 99

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