TO BE HEARD AND SEEN: We listen to Vinyl!

As part of our special exhibition series TO BE HEARD AND SEEN we look at different aspects of cover art between music and visual design.

Today, music is available anywhere and at any time with a simple tap on your smartphone. But because digitalized playback is invisible, records and their artfully designed covers have survived to this day. Record covers are more than just simple protective covers; they give every piece of music an individual face, they are a visual mirror of a time epoch. Like music on vinyl, covers tell of love and life, of fashion and design, of mourning and rebellion. Some were designed by visual artists, others were created by the musicians themselves. Reduced typographic characters are as much a stylistic device as are colorful and lavish details. Each cover is different, and yet some are strikingly similar.
Together with music expert Manfred Lackmaier, AUDIOVERSUM has put together a selection of the best covers and has divided them into thematic chapters.
Even an original jukebox from 1964 is on display.

Until mid-November, a VINYLOGRAPH, which was developed by the Viennese artists Natascha Muhic and Christoph Freidhöfer, will be installed. It is a record cutting machine that cuts sounds in real time. Therefore, every record that is created in AUDIOVERSUM is a one-of-a-kind-vinyl. Even one’s own digital files, such as MP3 or Wav files, can be used.

In the future, exhibitions in the AUDIOVERSUM will also be acoustically conveyed: Every visitor will receive a card with a QR code in addition to his or her admission ticket. By scanning the code with their own smartphone, visitors can “listen” to the exhibition. Please bring Airpods or similar devices with you, otherwise headphones can also be lent at the ticket office. Each vinyl chapter is underlaid with soundtracks that make the most beautiful record covers from around 70 years “audible”.



Selection and Conception: Manfred Lackmaier

Curation and Texts: Julia Sparber-Ablinger, Head of Audioversum; Peter Kollreider, Hoerwinkel

Narration German & English: Paul Kraker & Stuart Freeman, Radio Ö1 & FM4

Translation: Simone Christine Kellner

Museum Education Audioversum: Michaela Pletzer, Teresa Burmann, Stephanie Sitz

Marketing & Social Media: Birgit Hutterer

Technics: Jakob Strassl, Christian Dworschak & Facility Management MED-EL


Special Thanks to: Dr. Eckhard Schulz, Founder of Audioversum

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