All beginnings have an inherent magic…this also applies to the history of the AUDIOVERSUM. In 2009, Dr. Eckhard Schulz, formerly managing director of MED-EL Germany, has started to develop an innovative exhibition concept on the subject of “hearing”. Together with his cooperation partner, the ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER in Linz and the professional and ideational support of Ingeborg Hochmair, CEO of MED-EL, a place was created where the fine and complex sense of hearing can be experienced in a playful way.

On January 31st, 2013 the AUDIOVESUM Science Center was opened with the main exhibition ADVENTURE HEARING and its multimedia installations, all about the fascinating worlds of listening and wondering. In the same year, the company exhibition MED-EL WORLD was launched. With an extension in 2017, the exhibition space grew to 1500 square meters, which is ever since then used for special exhibitions. Until now, more than ten special exhibitions on different scientific topics have been shown, always accompanied and organized by Dr. Eckhard Schulz with great engagement.

Step by step, the main exhibition ADVENTURE HEARING has been adjusted with 5 supporting exhibits, which immerse visitors in the unique dimensions of human sensory perception.

In the meantime, AUDIOVERSUM has also become a place of audible art and culture and has been able to establish itself as an extracurricular educational institution. The entire team is constantly working on new ideas to further develop the AUDIOVERSUM and wants to thank Dr. Eckhard Schulz for his efforts to preserve the inherent magic of the Science Center!



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