The Interactive Museum of Hearing for all Age Groups

AUDIOVERSUM will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of hearing. Our interactive ScienceCenter offers interesting facts and fun activities for all age groups. You will be amazed by extraordinary exhibits – developed with cutting-edge technology. 1.000 m² invite you to see, hear, participate and gain an understanding of our complex sense of hearing.


Tyrol’s unique ScienceCenter acts as an interface between medical electronics, education, technology and art. We offer not only guided tours, but also workshops and presentations on various related topics. Experience AUDIOVERSUM’s diversity for yourself.

The world of illusions at AUDIOVERSUM

Do we really hear what we see? Is there something moving? Is the image green or red? The human brain is always working to understand and interpret the things we see and hear around us and try to make sense of them. Generally it is pretty good at this, but sometimes our senses can be fooled. The new special exhibition “Illusions – Fooling the Senses” provides a fascinating insight into how, when and why our eyes can trick our brain.

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Ratz and Fatz dig deep into their treasure chest and come up with new and familiar songs, funny stories and plenty of great hits.


Die erste Station der Ausstellung. Exponate in Übergröße.

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Hear through different ears! At Innsbruck’s interactive museum AUDIOVERSUM hearing becomes an adventure.


Till Eulenspiegel 1 (c) Rathey

Listen Once More – The Magic of First Audio Encounters

When listening to music, is there something like the magic of the first time? Is the same piece of music experienced differently when we hear it again? These questions are explored in three chamber music concerts organised in cooperation with the Tyrol Symphony Orchestra Innsbruck (TSOI) as part of the AUDIOVERSUM “Music After Work” series.